Samstag, 3. April 2021

Pit Bull Magazine YF&M Vol 12, #9-10.1964. Fall Convention, Carver etc on cover.

 Pit Dogs magazine history: Pit Dogs Magazine was published and edited by H Q Kennedy from August 1952 thru February 1955. Pete Sparks came on board as co-editor in February 1955 and took over as Editor in March-April 1955 (Vol. II, No. 11). In May 1955 Pete started a name changing process by overlaying “Your Friend And Mine” over the PIT DOGS title thru August 1955. By the Oct-Nov 1955 issue (Vol III No. 5), the title of Pit Dogs was removed from the cover and the name changed to Your Friend And Mine with the Pit Bull Outline drawing, which would stay for the rest of the publication run  thru 1971.