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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Pit Bull Book. The Complete Pitbull or Staffordshire Terrier (1948)

Originally published in 1948 include: Anecdotes of the Pit Bull Terrier, 19th Century “Dog Fighting Rules” and “Rat Killing Rules”, English Dog Fighting Rules, Badger Baiting Rules, and modern UKC Rules. Many extremely rare and historically significant illustrations of early 1800's to early 1900's dogs including Taplin’s “Bulldog” (1803), Mischief (1810), Trusty (1806), Dustman (1812), Cockney Charlie Lloyd and Pilot (1882), Billy killing 100 rats (1827), Spanish Bull Baiting (1814). The Fight Between the Lion Wallace and Tinker and Bll (1827), Bulldog vs. Fighting Pig (1849), Monkey vs. Bulldog (Westminster Pit (1820), Badger Catching and Otter Spearing (1821). Badger Baiting (1825) and many more. Early American Pit Bull Terriers include Parson’s Pitou (1907), Old Hickory’s Rex (1908), King Paddy (1912), Jack the Ripper (1912) and more.