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Friday, March 12, 2021

Pit Bull/Am Bulldog mags Bulldogger/Bulldog Review 21 issues,1,328 pages 95-06

 National Bulldogger magazine Volume 1 Issues 1-4 (1989-1990) National Bulldogger magazine covered  American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bulldogs.  Covers include: The Bulldog by Reinagle (1803) Pvt. 1st Class Frank Sylvestri on furlough from WWII w/ Tudor’s Demon, Al Banuelos w/Predator, the 1st Schuntzhund titled AB, and life size 19th century bronze Bulldog by Valton.  Articles include: Will the Real Bulldog Please Stand Up and History of the Bulldog in England by Casey Couturier, the Story of Boxer, Understanding Aggression in Bulldogs by John Tatman, Going Hog Wild with AB’s by Kyle Symmes, What is Schuntzhund by John Tatman, Bulldog Heroes of the Civil War, Slough Stompin’ by Bob Stevens, ABA registered AB Completes Schuntzhund 1, Dear John by John Tatman, Bear-Baiting in the 17th Century, Bulldog as Inspiration by Richard Stratton, Importance of the Rubdown & Baydogs by Bob Stevens, An Introduction to Agility by Glenn Oliver, American Bulldog Hero in Alaska, Can the AB Weight Pull? Weight Pull Training, Momma (an AB serves as “Therapy” for hybrid wolves). 240 pages. Crisp, unread, original issues with slightly rusted binding staples.  A wealth of Bulldog History.